Five Tips to Create A Winning Email Marketing Strategy

Posted by Shannon Cook on May 23, 2023 11:08:02 AM

The value of making those all-important first connections with prospective business school students should never be understated. Email marketing continues to be an efficient means of creating and strengthening these digital connections—but what makes a winning email marketing strategy?

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Six Ways to Boost Your School’s Brand Among Gen Z

Posted by Sian Phillips on Apr 5, 2023 12:25:35 PM

Generation Z­­people born between 1997 and 2012currently make up around 50% of the candidate pipeline for graduate management education*. Those aged between 18-24 are of particular interest to business schools as they’re still shaping their early careers and ideal candidates for postgrad Master’s programs or to be guided toward an MBA application.

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Topics: graduate business school candidate, MBA Program, business school, MBA, candidate insights, blog post, blog, Gen Z, social media, TikTok, digital content

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