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Tips to Effectively Use Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

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Posted on Dec 13, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Rick Rudolph, founder and managing director at MBAtube, offers his top tips to help schools amplify their video strategy.

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A successful content marketing strategy hinges on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent stories about your institution. Rick Rudolph, founding and managing director at MBAtube, provides an easy-to-use checklist to get schools started with showcasing videos. Here are two tips from his list:

  1. First decide who you are making this video for - Which target audience do you want to reach? What style of video appeals most to your chosen audience?

  2. Where will this video live? - Decide in advance where you will share this video. Different platforms attract different viewers with different user behaviors. Also consider the length and aspect ratio for this video.

Join a GMASS webinar on Tuesday, December 18, at 10:30 ET for the entire checklist and to learn:

  • What to do and what not to do in video production.
  • Real examples of successful videos.
  • Tips and tricks on how effectively use your videos in your marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • How to use GMASS leads with various marketing channels to showcase your videos.

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