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Target Your Outreach with New GMAT Testing Data

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Posted on Jan 29, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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The assessment report series provides business schools with market-sizing data to inform marketing and recruitment efforts.



Quantifying the size of global demand and staying ahead of market movements help business schools maximize the effectiveness of their outreach. GMAC’s newly updated Profiles of GMAT Testing—a series of three assessment reports that summarize five years of global GMAT exam trends for testing years (TY) 2014 through 2018—offers schools an integrated view of key candidate demographic and score-sending data. Specifically, the series of reports details the number of exams taken by candidate citizenship, residence, gender, and race/ethnicity (US citizens only); examinee mean age and mean total score; and GMAT score-sending breakdowns by program type (MBA, business master’s, and doctoral/other).

Access the reports   

Available for download at, the Profile series includes the following three reports:

  • Profile of GMAT Testing: Citizenship, TY2014-TY2018, featuring GMAT testing trends by candidate region and country of citizenship;
  • Profile of GMAT Testing: Residence, TY2014-TY2018, featuring GMAT testing trends by candidate region and country of residence; and
  • Profile of GMAT Testing: North America, TY2014-TY2018, presenting GMAT testing trends for US and Canadian residents by US region, US state, and Canadian province, and by race/ethnicity for US citizens.

School professionals can use the data from these reports to build detailed candidate profiles for specific countries or world regions, track student mobility based on program preference, and target outreach and recruitment strategies.

School professionals from GMAC member schools and GMAT using programs should keep an eye out later in Q1 for the TY2018 update to the GMAT Geographic Trend Report, which presents mobility trends in the graduate management education student pipeline based on the last five testing years of GMAT exam data.

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